Here is a selection of some projects that I was involved in.

Otterman Pulse EP Anthony Gibney Audioland Recording Studio

Otterman   – Pulse.

Recorded and Mixed by Anthony Gibney. Produced by Otterman and Anthony Gibney

Ian Kinsella Jayne Pomplas Traditional Irish fiddle Guitar recording studio

Ian Kinsella and Jayne Pomplas   – John Sa Cheo.

Recorded and Mixed by Anthony Gibney.

The Magpies Nest

Robin James Hurt and Ailbhe Nolan – The Magpie’s Nest.

Recorded and Mixed by Anthony Gibney. Produced by Anthony Gibney, Robin James Hurt and Ailbhe Nolan.

Kila – Alive.

Mixed by Anthony Gibney, Brian Hogan and Tom Skerritt.

AlienEnvoy Loads

Alien Envoy – Loads.

Produced , Engineered and Mixed by Anthony Gibney

Frank Foley – You Know How I Am.

Produced , Engineered and Mixed by Anthony Gibney

Padraig O’Neill and Ian Kinsella – When The Prescription Runs Out…

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Anthony Gibney.

The Blood Red Mountain Band - All The Times

The Blood Red Mountain Band – Far From Daylight.

Produced , Engineered and Mixed by Anthony Gibney

Johnny Rayge – Vigil

Additional Engineering and Mixed by Anthony Gibney

Kevin Nolan – Aubade

Engineering, mixing and co-production on the song ‘Aubade’.

Ray Davies

Assistant Engineer on 2 Tracks.

Bernie Worrell.

Engineering. Dubway Studios New York.

Marc Ciprut

Engineering on 3 Tracks. Dubway Studios New York.

Life in A Blender

Engineering. Dubway Studios New York.


Engineer for Kelly Clarkson, Train, 30 seconds to Mars, Young The Giant – New York.

Louis Stewart and Jim Doherty – Tunes

Assistant Engineer

We had a great time working with Anthony Gibney in Audioland Studios. Having been in plenty of studios over the years, big and small,- this one had the Goldilocks factor for us: It’s just right. State of the art software and hardware, beautiful vintage guitars, grand piano, all sorts of bits and pieces and a great cup of coffee. By far, the best asset though, is Anthony himself. He is supportive and challenging, a great listener but with strong, clear ideas of his own, a leader that’s a team player, a facilitator of bands. He was essentially our 12th man on the pitch. Extremely competent in his medium, he has those other traits you need: creativity, flexibility, patience and humour. We could not recommend him highly enough and we look forward to recording our next album in Audioland.
The Blood Red Mountain Band, The Blood Red Mountain Band
Anthony is organised and reliable, two qualities that are hard to find in the industry and to have someone with these qualities batting on your side is imperative for the advancement of any artist’s career. He is a methodical engineer and an innovative producer always willing to experiment with fresh sounds and ideas. As a session musician you can be guaranteed that he will take a full interest in your repertoire, and deliver an on point performance that will more than meet your expectations.
Cathryn Green, Cathryn Green
One of the best recording experiences I’ve had. Audioland take every bit of un-tapped creativity from an artist and use it to produce the highest quality recording possible.
Audioland Studios is a welcoming and accommodating space for any musician.
The calm, supportive and friendly atmosphere provided by Anthony aids the flow of creativity and allows each musician achieve their full potential, take after take.
Whether you are a singer/songwriter or have a full band (or anywhere in-between!), Audioland is the place to go for professional and high quality recording, engineering and production!
Chris O'Sullivan
As a voiceover artist I just have to recommend Anthony at Audioland Studios. His knowledge and expertise has secured steady work for me for the last few years. The studio is so welcoming and he spends time making sure you are a happy client. I’ve learnt so much from him and completely trust his decisions. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.