“Anthony brings a unique blend of technical engineering skill, musical instinct, positive energy and great good humour to his work. He is a most sympathetic and creative collaborator, and played a huge part in making “Loads” the album it is. You come for his ears, but you stay for his heart, soul and guts. ”
Nick Kelly
"I have worked with Anthony numerous times both on my music and on other projects too. He is incredibly talented and a joy to work with. He has created a wonderful space to work in and always makes the process fun and relaxing. He has infinite patience and some of the best ears in the business. Anthony goes above and beyond to make sure the sessions are productive and the artist is happy with the end results. Audioland will always be my go to studio in Ireland.”
Naimee Coleman
“I’ve worked with Anthony Gibney for many years now and can honestly say that I would gladly bring any project to his studio and he would be the first person I would recommend for any recording project. He has huge experience as a producer and engineer and you will always end up with a top class recording. His attention to detail is second to none but also his demeanour and charisma with clients encourages you to keep returning again and again, as I do! ”
Brian Hogan - Kila
“Working with Anthony on the Dogs record and on my own stuff has been great. He's great ears and he's really quick too. Both Nick ( Kelly) and I played a lot of interwoven acoustic parts on the record and he was great at finding space in the mixes. He's very patient and hardworking too- a real pleasure to work with. His studio is great and the gear is always kept in good order and I've literally never had a session waste time on some sort of tech problem. I like to work quickly and keep the energy good and Anthony is always right on it, keeping things positive and moving along. ”
Sean Millar
“I always look forward to a session at Audioland, Anthony really knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere while somehow getting the most from every performance, he brings a wealth of experience and tech know-how to a project and of course a laugh or a story is never far away. ”
Gerr Walsh
“We had a great time working with Anthony Gibney in Audioland Studios. Having been in plenty of studios over the years, big and small,- this one had the Goldilocks factor for us: It’s just right. State of the art software and hardware, beautiful vintage guitars, grand piano, all sorts of bits and pieces and a great cup of coffee. By far, the best asset though, is Anthony himself. He is supportive and challenging, a great listener but with strong, clear ideas of his own, a leader that’s a team player, a facilitator of bands. He was essentially our 12th man on the pitch. Extremely competent in his medium, he has those other traits you need: creativity, flexibility, patience and humour. We could not recommend him highly enough and we look forward to recording our next album in Audioland.”
Mark Flynn - The Blood Red Mountain Band
“Audioland was exactly what I was looking for when I went to record my debut EP - one to one studio sessions with an enthusiastic experienced pro. Anthony’s energy, advice and production ideas helped shape the sounds I’d planned into something more refined, grander, all without the songs losing any of their immediacy or intimacy. Already looking forward to working together again”
Stephen St. James
“I worked with Anthony at Audioland while putting the finishing touches to my current album. I started by using him as a sounding board, progressing to doing some additional engineering and in the end mixing five of the tracks. A sound set of ears and a masterful touch as recording and mixing engineer.”
Josh Johnston
“Anthony Gibney is such an all-round sound person. He has knowledge in audio engineering, mixing and producing. The studio caters perfectly for band or singer-songwriter recordings. He has a various array of mics for vocals/guitar/drums that he tests extensively before recording. From pre-production to post-production he thinks with the artist to come up with the best sound and feel for the music. It’s all about the artist and making his/her vision come true. He also has additional skills in bass, electric/acoustic guitar which really adds to his musicality. Most importantly though, he really understands how important a good and emotional vocal is for the recording and he makes you feel at ease as you record your vocals. It also helps that Anthony is just very easy-going, patient, kind and fun to be around. He seemed really interested in my work, my influences and that was really the thing I most needed as I approached recording my Debut EP. He puts in the work and effort and really strives for excellence in his work. I think it really paid off on my EP ‘Onward Still’ and I’m so glad to have had him involved. I can’t wait to work with him again."
Jane Willow
“Between//Roads were welcomed to Audioland for the first time like old friends. Anthony was incredible to work with and helped us turn our song into something we could have only dreamed of. His attunement to our visions for the track and the subsequent creation that arose because of his involvement were astounding. We can never thank him enough. The best we can do is book in another session with him ASAP and recommend Audioland to anyone who wants to work in a fantastic creative space with an exceptional talent for getting the best out of artists.."